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About Me

Bread & Law (www.breadandlaw.com), the PR firm I set up in early 2022, combines the network, capabilities, and resources of larger PR firms with the grit, personalized attention, and rates of boutique firms and independent professionals.

I've been practicing PR independently since 2010, so none of the challenges of being a one-stop shop for clients are new to me. Where my firm deviates from other independent practices is that I'm testing the limits of what a small shop can be. Through Bread & Law, I'm incubating new service offerings that can apply scale to the external comms process, such as a thought leadership offering with fixed pricing and guaranteed results and an influencer marketing offering that only does business with micro-influencers. I'm taking equity positions in startup businesses, some of which are (or become) clients. And I'm using a vibrant technology stack to either bring efficiencies or new capabilities to client work.

The foundation of all of this is PR work -- specifically, PR work which relies on the methods, practices, and processes that are proven to work in today's hyper-competitive media and business environment. I don't punch a clock or look for ways to create billable hours. I only work with clients that I can genuinely help.

My professional background includes various leadership positions within in the Public Relations Society of America, the PR field's main trade group. Being elected by my peers to serve as the president of PRSA's New York chapter in 2021 built up my professional network and made me up-to-date on my industry's best practices.

Bread & Law launched in early 2022 with clients in the financial technology, consumer technology, and real estate industries, but it's an industry-agnostic practice that's capable of supporting or driving external comms activity in any industry. That's because, at the core, I'm relying on best practices and methods, not vertical-industry expertise, which I can more easily get from my clients or learn incrementally on my own.

Prior to forming Bread & Law, I was co-founder of the issues management firm Clear, which held agency-of-record relationships with leading companies such as Thomson Reuters and Jones Lang LaSalle. Prior to that, I worked primarily as an executive-level ghostwriter and speechwriter for financial institutions, law firms, and other large or sophisticated businesses. And prior to that, I worked at a few PR firms.

I'm based in Brooklyn and am usually down to talk shop over coffee.

Email: andrew@breadandlaw.com

Work I'm passionate about

I guess a lot of it boils down to being useful and valuable to clients. I think chief marketing officers and chief communications officers have the most difficult jobs in the C Suite.

Generally speaking, most organizations would be better off if marketing and comms had more political capital internally and a larger seat at the decision-making table. Some of what I'm best at doing helps those executives advance their own agendas, interests, and careers -- to get that larger seat so that they're in a position to exert influence over the business.

My Specialization

I'm a huge proponent of setting up PR and external comms -processes- to deliver real value to the business. We're about a decade past PR being just a bullhorn function that concentrates on pitching things to reporters -- that's never been the entirety of the profession anyways, and any PR effort that only pursues earned today is missing the mark to some degree.

It really needs to produce multiple outcomes that are of value, and getting to that point is a different process for every organization.

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Communications Manager
Content Manager
Content Marketing
Corporate Communication
Crisis & Reputation Management
Digital Communication Strategy
Executive Communications
International Marketing
Investor Relations
Marketing Communication

Social Good, B2B Technology, Financial-Services, Law & Policy, Real Estate


Held agency-of-record relationship with global tech company. Mandate centered on the production, distribution, and analysis of news-driven content to complement marketing and external comms activity. Reported directly to CMO.

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Led external comms for large commercial real estate development in the midwest. Scope included media relations, government relations, and issues/crisis management.

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Held temporary position as head of communication and public affairs for NYCE Companies, a Black-owned and -operated fintech company focused on real estate.

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