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The Food Accessibility Paradox 

Right now, major food companies make our choices for us. Multinational corporations control and price every ingredient at every step of the food chain. Grocery and restaurant chains offer customers the illusion of choice — while the convenience of everyday food has cost us our curiosity about what really grows in the American wild. 

At Foraged, we believe that the pure exchange of wild foods supports a sustainable, customer-centric food chain — one that follows nature’s inventory and our evolving appetite.

What we do

We make wild food accessible. Foraged is the only online marketplace that brings customers and foragers together to buy and sell wild foods. Curious home cooks, hobbyists, and Michelin-star chefs use our platform to buy wild ingredients individually sourced by vetted foragers. 

Our mission

To empower small-scale food purveyors to grow healthy, sustainable businesses while nourishing everyday people with easy access to natural foods.

Our vision

At scale, we are building a better alternative to the industrial agricultural system. Our first-of-its-kind digital network shifts the power of choice back to consumers, every exchange between a buyer and a forager helps to build a more sustainable food system that works for everyone involved. 

Our community represents the better food system of the future.

Our backing

Do we sound far out? Yeah. And there’s a reason the likes of Bessemer Venture Partners and the founder CEOs of Yelp, Fiverr, StubHub, and HotelTonight invested in Foraged. 

What we're looking for

We want to be seen. We've done very little marketing and no true PR. Foraged does some seriously cool work, and people want to learn about us.  We're a startup, so budgets and bandwidth aren't huge. It's time to tell the world!

We're looking for a freelance PR expert to earn us placements in major food-related media outlets. The primary aim is to get seen by new customers and drive sales growth. This could come in the form of narrative-based features on the company as a whole, or from product-led stories about the unique ingredients available on the site.

We're not looking for a strategist. We're looking for a doer.

If you have significant PR experience in the food space, we'd love to chat!