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Seasoned Crypto CISO Seeking Dynamic PR Expertise for Brand Elevation




10 hrs/wk

6 months


Digital Assets and Blockchains, Security

Public Relations (PR)
PR Set Up

I'm embarking on an exciting yet challenging phase of my career, transitioning to a pivotal role at a new crypto startup. My journey has been deeply rooted in the cryptocurrency and cybersecurity sectors, with significant contributions to industry giants like and Qredo. These experiences have not only honed my expertise but have also highlighted the importance of a strong personal brand in industry.

In the past, my professional narrative and engagement with the broader community were supported by dedicated press teams. Moving forward, this luxury will not be at my disposal. The essence of this brief is to find a PR specialist who can continue strengthening my position as a thought leader in the crypto and cybersecurity fields.

The objective is multifaceted:

To amplify my voice and expertise across relevant platforms, enhancing my visibility and influence within the industry.

To strategically navigate the absence of an internal press team, ensuring that my transition to a new role is marked by continued growth in my personal brand.

To craft and disseminate messages that resonate with both the crypto and cybersecurity communities, fostering engagement and establishing a deeper connection with my audience.

In sum, I seek a PR specialist who understands the nuances of the tech world and possesses the creativity, connections, and strategic mindset required to elevate my personal brand during this important moment in my career.