Project-based Roles

Mike Janela TV Host

Mike Janela Media (Sports +2)

New York, New York (Remote)


6 weeks

My name's Mike Janela. I'm a sports and pop culture TV host/digital media personality in New York City, and I want to take my personal br... View more details

Branded Content
Ambassador Engagement
Influencer Marketing
Story Securement
Influencer Collaborations
Media Lists/ Journalist Data Base
Digital & Social Media Strategy
Strategic Partnerships

Publicist for announcement campaign for new IT staffing agency

TechTrust (Financial-Services +2)

New York, New York (Remote)


4 weeks

We are a brand new IT staffing agency who is looking to make a big splash in our GTM in Q1. We are looking for a dynamic and experienced,... View more details

Public Relations (PR)
Brand Development
Brand Identity

Consumer focused launch PR

Landed (Consumer Technology)



6 weeks

Looking for a PR professional to help with the launch of a new firm focused on helping consumer companies launch internationally. The fo... View more details

LinkedIn Strategy
Content Marketing
Corporate Communication
Media Strategy
Blog Writing
Blogger Campaigns
Digital & Social Media Strategy

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Lara's (Artificial Intelligence +2)

Alexandria, Virginia (Hybrid)


1 week

 it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essen... View more details

Account Based Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
After Effects