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We're seeking help creating a "general" PR/Communication strategy for an upcoming product launch next year. This will be a massive announcement (for our business), and would like a strategy that reflects the impact we're looking to make. This would include:

  • Coverage from major publications such as TechCrunch, Forbes, etc...
  • Finding industry influencers to help amplify the message
  • Blockchain/Web3 related blogs (such as CoinTelegraph, Decrypt, etc...)
  • Social media and general digital marketing coverage
  • Out-of-home publications
  • Partner/affiliate amplification

Essentially think about the strategy you would use if another major company were going public or announcing a large funding round. We're looking for a strategy with that level of impact.

We're looking for someone to create a clean and professional Google Slides presentation for a 45 minute meeting (let's say 10 - 20 slides) that conveys this strategy, reach, initiatives we'd run, the timeline for launch, outlet's we'd leverage, how we'd measure success/ROI, etc...

Our company is specific to Blockchain/Web3. So while we can focus on general tech publications like TechCrunch, VentureBeat, etc... we would like to capture the Blockchain community as well.

This is a presentation that will be used for internal education only.