Mike Janela TV Host

Mike Janela Media

New York, New York (Remote)


6 weeks


Sports, Media, Entertainment

Branded Content
Ambassador Engagement
Influencer Marketing
Story Securement
Influencer Collaborations
Media Lists/ Journalist Data Base
Digital & Social Media Strategy
Strategic Partnerships

My name's Mike Janela. I'm a sports and pop culture TV host/digital media personality in New York City, and I want to take my personal brand to the next level.

Right now, I work for the New York Mets, MSG Networks, and American Kennel Club. I've also hosted for The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard News, Guinness World Records and a bunch of others in the past.

I'd like to work with someone to get me and my work noticed more, and involved with more events/partnerships (ideally things like being the face of branded content, hosting events, marketing collaborations, etc.).

I have the jobs I work now, but feel like I've got the talent to do a whole lot more that people just aren't aware of. Hoping you can help!