Hiring experienced publicists to generate top-tier media placements for clients

Clout Monstere



10 hrs/wk

3 months


Influencer, Wellness, E-Commerce

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Campaign Execution
Digital Strategy
e-Commerce PR
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PR Set Up

Hey there! We’re an established PR firm looking to hire experienced PR specialists to secure traditional media placements (articles, interviews, etc) for our clients via sending journalists/editors cold email pitches.


Our ideal hire can help us with the PR process from beginning to end. Responsibilities include:

[+] Strategizing the best campaigns and angles for the client to make their stories relevant, timely, and hit the media in a meaningful way

[+] Researching the right targets to pitch (no mass pitches that devalue our brand)

[+] Writing well-researched and effective pitches that get responses

[+] Managing responses and queries from journalists + setting up interviews

[+] Helping coach the client through their talking points for interviews

[+] Reporting to the founder/account managers with updates that can be shared with clients

[+] Securing 1-3 placement per month in relevant media outlets

The ideal candidate is also:

[+] Familiar with how to get excellent placements (if you’ve never run a PR strategy/campaign before, it will take too long to train you).

[+] Very comfortable with the English language, since all our clients are based in the US (but being in a Western country is not a requirement if you have the requisite experience)

[+] Experienced with how PR works (knows the job, has done it before, and can work independently)

[+] Great at communicating in a remote setting (be proactive about messaging when something is wrong, clearly articulate what issues you’re having, take notes when we’re giving you instructions, take feedback well, etc.)


We serve a wide range of clients across a variety of niches. They range from authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, creators, and anything in-between! We work with them to get traditional (and new) media placements, which include:

- Prestige outlets like NYT, Forbes, etc.

- Features in articles, TV, radio, blogs, newsletters, etc.

- Podcast interviews

- YouTube channels

- And more

Also, our clients don’t just care about press for the sake of impressions and media mentions. They want to know media efforts impact the bottomline, turn a book into a bestseller, and/or put them on the map. Our clients have been launched to New York Times best-seller lists, become repeat authors and TEDx speakers, and even got their own Netflix shows.

We look forward to hearing from you!