Design Director

The News Movement

London, UK (Hybrid)


40 hrs/wk

12 months



User Experience Design
Brand Design
Creative Strategy
Ad Tech
Animation Marketing
Graphic Design
Project Management

Who we are

The News Movement is reimagining the news.

Together we are an inclusive movement of creators and communities, inspired by new ways of telling stories that fuel curiosity, creativity and change.

We are driven by our mission - to empower free society. We are particularly focused on serving younger audiences between 18 and 30 and believe that factual, unbiased journalism can be told in different and exciting ways via the channels that our audiences already enjoy. We want to explain the world and uncover the stories that matter.

And we want to have fun along the way - by being brave, being kind and being honest. We are growing rapidly, making us one of the fastest growing news companies today.

We are on a journey

TNM has laid the perfect foundation on which to grow both editorially and mature as a brand. After 25 weeks in beta and two newsrooms built to serve US and UK audiences through the eyes, ears and brilliant minds of journalists with an average age of 24, we have been able to hone our signature storytelling for a generation built on social media.

Using TNM’s unique style of “Horizontal Storytelling” – friends telling friends” the news rather than “professors telling pupils” – we have developed a new category of news. Now we have the foundations in place, we need someone special to help us build to the next level. We need someone with editorial experience, as well as someone comfortable collaborating with the creator community in ways that are imaginative and business savvy. We must also consolidate our reputation as a legitimate player amongst established editorial brands and creative communities.

What we are looking for

Having recently been through an intense design sprint alongside our agency (based in London), we have tightened and improved our consumer-facing visual identity and editorial appearance online, as well as developing a new corporate identity. We have a guide to how we visually behave from both a copy and visual perspective.

With this work completed, we are conscious that we can’t afford to stand still. We are a rapidly growing business with design needs that shift and grow all the time. As well as a capable pair of hands to help guide us from a technical perspective, we also need a brand steward who can pick up the baton from our agency and become a guardian for how we develop.

This role is all about serving our audiences and making our output look and feel amazing. We want every touch point someone has with The News Movement to be engaging and spectacular.

Who are we looking for?

Passion for Design: We are looking for an experienced designer who is happy to get their hands dirty as well as develop a vision for the brand. This would suit someone looking to take their next professional step-up and wants to grow alongside our business, gradually building a team at a rate that can serve all our needs.

Care about our purpose: Ideally you have a keen interest in news, current affairs OR you want to change how it is all done.

A self-starter: This role will not come with a roadmap! We are looking for individuals who can take an entrepreneurial approach to the opportunity and challenge us internally.

Gravitas and chemistry: We are a small team and in order to build influence, having the right chemistry will be important. As such, good examples of consultancy, albeit as part of an agency or as part of a multi-stakeholder organization would be an asset.

Specifically the job will involve

Owning the TNM visual brand strategy and its application across platforms

Create and produce graphic design work for the full range of TNM outputs - including corporate brand as well as editorial (and other consumer-facing) assets

Work with senior leadership to plan your team and recruit accordingly

Working directly with producers, brands and journalists to create multi platform graphics alongside existing designer(s)

Liaising with the editorial, commercial and products team to ensure that design work consistently answers the brief in terms of look and feel, accuracy, functionality and brand identity

Embracing a learning culture of design and animation software research, usage and improvement/development

Keeping up to date with TNM editorial and design standards and guidelines

Propelling our brand forward into new spaces and places

Translating briefs into graphic content thanks to your detailed understanding of the requirements of digital media, your graphics production experience and your knowledge of social platforms.

Leading creative projects which draw on a variety of specialist design and production expertise. For example directing live action or art directing photography or briefing and supervising CGI animation - as well as IRL events and/or merchandise

Prioritizing and planning activities taking into account all the relevant issues and factors such as deadlines and resource requirements.

Our culture is vital. We are a team and we work together with a generous spirit of collaboration. Being able to listen to each other and think-through ideas is key. Our audience is at the heart of what we do. We offer an empathetic and supportive environment where every voice matters and we recognize every business needs many different strengths and skills to be successful.